On Tuesday June 16th 2020, the second training for employers – “Disability Awareness” training, took place within the project “Your career is waiting – get ready!”. The project has been coordinated by the non-profit orgnanization EPIC and implemented with the support of the Erasmus+ program. We welcomed the 1st Class Agency that attended the training at their premises. The presentation contained important information and at the end, there was an interesting discussion with respect to the topic including the exchange of knowledge and practical experience.

“Disability Awareness training” provided by the non-profit organization EPIC is free of charge and can be completed in the coming months both in English or Slovak language. At the end of the training, participants receive a Handbook on Disability full of important information and facts as well as a Certificate of training completion.

Last 3 places to book your spot are on. Feel free to let us know if you´re interested in this type of training!

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you either online or in person.