To support the employment of selected social groups in the open labour market, the non-profit organization EPIC has long been implementing various projects aimed at increasing employment and harnessing the potential of citizens with various disadvantages in the open labour market.

One such project is the international project Your Career is Waiting-get ready. The aim of the project is to help young people better prepare for entering the labour market, or to support their inclusiveness and acceptance in the labour market.

We successfully started the project on March 17 at the Business School Nevädzová 3 in Bratislava, with the participation of 27 second-year students. We spent 2 days with the students during the project:

On the first day, the students completed a 2-hour interactive workshop with the lecturer Peter Rusiňák where they learned how to prepare for a demanding interview or went through the most frequently asked questions at the interview. They also learned something about the so-called soft skills and general information on how to dress for an interview or how to communicate non-verbally – in short, how to leave an impression.

The next day, they tested this theoretical knowledge in practice. In cooperation with SIEMENS and DELL HR professionals, they took advantage of the unique opportunity to try out a simulated job interview. The HR professionals of both companies prepared a fictitious job offer for students in English, for which they had prepared with diligence, and then they tried to convince the HR professionals that they were the most suitable candidates. For many students, this was their first real experience with job interviews. Nevertheless, they still did a great job! SIEMENS even gave one participant a nice gift.

Students from Business School Nevädzová were not the only ones who made a positive impression of good work. We surprised them too. This is evidenced by the many positive reactions from students that were sent to us by the teacher of vocational subjects, Mrs. Ščevíková.

Thank you again Business School Nevädzová 3! We are looking forward to further cooperation!


“The series of workshops Your career is waiting – Job Interview Simulator (JIS) supported by the non-profit organization EPIC is one of the projects we have been implementing to support youth employment in Slovakia. I am convinced that thanks to honest preparation for the interview, students have a high chance to find a job, get a dream project or an internship that will move them forward. Career skills are a great example of the so-called soft skills with wide applicability in the future. Special thanks go to those students who are already working hard to develop their skills during their studies.”

Peter Rusiňák – lecturer