Within the international project CERUSI, Non profit EPIC has been organised really  interesting online workshops, where the active and future social entrepreneurs meet the experts on social economy to consult their experiences and intentions.

“Supporting social enterprises and improving life in the region” is a of the online workshop, that took place in June 4, 2021. Two experienced experts on social economy – František Fabo, a member of the Board of Alliance for the Social Economy in Slovakia (ASES) and Imrich Holečko, from civic association People and Perspective, who run long-term successful social enterprise, have provided their important ecxperiences and advices.

Participants were informed about the hot news in the area of social entrepreneurship and social economy. The discussion has been focused on open questions, experiences and problems to be solved by participants in terms of their social business. Great news was that several participants have informed about their progress in starting the social business.

The workshop contributed positively by at least four participants who will consider a social enterprise in near future. Some participants are in the process of waiting for registration of thier social enterprises.

The aim of the international project CERUSI, as well as the non-profit organization EPIC, is to provide with the consultations and advice to social entrepreneurs eithinr in the phase of starting business or in process of running itt. The mutual networking, interconnection and assistance can lead towards a creation of new social enterprises, and thus also to the increasing of employment and improvement of development and quality of life at many regions of Slovakia.