Bratislava 13 February 2019

Australian Ambassador to the Slovak Republic Dr Brendon Hammer has invited Eva Havelkova as a Central European Cordinator of EPIC Non-profit to take part in a Roundtable session on Free Trade Agreement between Australia and EU, held in Bratislava 13 February 2019.

A guest speaker was Ms Juliana Nam, Counsellor (FTA Advocacy & Outreach), Australian Embassy to Belgium and Luxembourg and Mission to the European Union and NATO.

Australia is a long-standing global partner for Europe, sharing many common values and interests, a commitment to the rules-based system and a record of strong cooperation on issues from human rights to sustainability. Australia and the EU already enjoy a close trade and investment relationship. In 2017, the EU was Australia’s second largest trading partner, Australia’s top source of foreign investment and the EU was Australia’s second largest foreign investment destination. An Australia-EU FTA will take our significant economic relationship to the next level.

The Roundtable session aimed to provide key information about the recent activities and progress made towards an Australian – European Union Free Trade Agreement.

Very interesting  and engaging discussion took part policy makers and representatives of chamber of commerce, ministries, MEPs and associations.