On May 11, 2021, the final international conference of the SOCENT SPAs project (Social Entrepreneurship in Sparsely Populated Areas) was held, organized by the lead partner – Cives Mundi from Spain.

This 4-year international project aimed to actively support the development of social enterprises in sparsely populated areas in order to improve social and economic conditions in the less developed regions of Germany, Finland, Spain and Slovakia.

The final event was  attended by a representative of the European Commission and representatives of partner organizations from Spain, Germany, Finland and Slovakia. The non-profit organization EPIC in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic implemented a project in Slovakia, focusing on the Gemer region. Eva Havelkova, EPIC Coordinator for Central Europe, informed about the Action Plan for Gemer, which was developed within the project under the leadership of EPIC n.o .. The action plan contains an analysis of the main problems of the Gemer region and suggestions for possible solutions in the social economy and social entrepreneurship.

The final event of the SOCENT SPAs project included a summary of the activities implemented and the results achieved in the individual regions of the partner countries, as well as the problems and challenges during the entire implementation process.

More information about the international project SOCENT SPA can be found on our website: https://epic-org.eu/social-business-in-sparely-populated-areas/?fbclid=IwAR2x82upN8CmN66CuhXigcNE5KDlSYby0RvA7wHBiaXbckNY