People participating on the project on supporting young people in Zvolen gathered on the final conference of the project „Youth guarantee on the local level“ at the end of June 2019 in City Hall of Zvolen. The activities of the project were resulting from the cooperation of people from different sectors that were meeting and collaborating during three years of the project life. They were focusing on suggesting measures on actual problems of employment, employability and support of young people till 29 year olds and their pilot-testing.

In the first part of the conference we learnt how the youth guarantee vision and actions work in Finnish town Turku that has been expert partner of the project. Further programme of the conference was filled by actors of the working group that presented activities that were carried into action thanks to active people in the working group of Youth Guarantee on the local level. Four identified priorities of the local actions were the following ones: (1) raise of attractiveness of the local vocational education schools, (2) support for the career counselling approach in the formal and informal education, (3) support of inclusion actions and employability of young people with special needs and disabilities, (4) founding of one-stop-shop center in the town supporting young people in finding their paths to the education, employability, personal growth and participation.

Project has been initiated by Non-profit organization Epic, in partnership with town of Zvolen and town of Turku. The project was financially supported by program Erasmus+ by the European Commission.