Job Interview Simulator

  1. September,  2014 – 31. August, 2016

Project Aim

  • to increase young people’s preparedness to react on actual requirements of employers. Project provides opportunities for networking fresh graduates with potential employers participating in realisation of the project.
  • to help a group of at least 200 students from at least 4 universities (approx. 10 % of all will be students with disabilities) to successfully handle a job interview and to get a job (min. 50 % of training participants will get a job after graduation/training). This training is going to be specially implemented with the help of big companies;
  • to strengthen the capacities of youth workers in the area of youth employment with youth in the area of youth employment (with emphasis on young people with lack of opportunities), to train min. 10 youth workers with youth in area of youth employment and to create specialised programmes for youth employment directly at employers and to network the youth and employers;
  • to create min. 40 work places for young people trough two specialised programmes, which are going to be realised by at least 3 business entities and at least 3 municipalities;
  • to ensure conditions for project activities to make it sustainable when project is finished.

Expected results

  • min. 50 % of students joined in the project are going to get a job in 4 months after graduation/training; min. 5 business entities are going to ensure sustainability of the project and continue in project activities also after the project ends.
  • to provide specialized employment services for youth in min. 2 youth organizations in Slovakia; to discuss about funding youth employment services.
  • to create stable inter sectoral platform of various sectors (business, public, non-profit), which realises programmes for youth employment.

Target group

  • students in last year of university study;
  • youth workers;
  • representatives of the business sector and municipalities.



  • CEiS Ayrshire, Scotland
  • GRUPO EQ5, Spain
  • EPIC Assist Charity, Scotland

Project Manager

Michaela Mudroňová

More information

  • Detailed information about successfully implemented project can be found in a summary.
  • You can also visit our YT channel (Yet, in Slovak only, sorry).
  • Join a free e-course, one of the main outcomes of the project, at (Yet, in Slovak only, sorry).