Project Manager of EPIC n.o. Viktor Fudala attended a two-day kick-off meeting of the Interreg Central Europe CERUSI project in Vienna on Thursday, February 20, 2020. Kick-off was held at the ZSI – Center for Social Innovation, the Lead Partner of the project. Another eight partners from seven EU countries cooperate on this project. At the meeting, the attendees discussed the benefits of sister projects (Social (i) makers, LiveRuR, Sentinel), their transformation within the CERUSI project, the initial steps of the project, management, administration, and overall project implementation. In Slovakia, EPIC n.o. will implement the CERUSI project in rural regions of the Banská Bystrica Region. The first phase will start in autumn 2020 and will consist of mapping of the region’s problems through face-to-face meetings between EPIC staff and the people of the region, which will take place as part of a tour of so-called RSI_Caravan.