The primary purpose of the NEETs LAB project is to give professional youth workers and partner youth organizations training through proven expertise and good international practice to improve their present work and approaches for more effective work aimed at young people under 29 years who are not in education, employment, or training (so-called NEETs).


1.1.2020 – 1.10.2020


Program ERASMUS+ K1

Project overview

Youth unemployment is one of the biggest problems we face in Europe in recent years. The project thus responds to this current problem of unemployment of youth under the age of 29 with low education levels, who are neither in the process of education nor employment (so-called NEETs). The target group is also young people who are disadvantaged in the open labor market due to disability, health problems, or marginalized social environment.

The project mainly aims at those who have a significant impact on young people and who are very close to them – youth workers. It provides proven skills, practice, and methods to improve their professional work, including critical thinking, digital literacy, as well as the implementation of applied informal methods and innovative tools. The training includes creative and innovative workshops (Photo-Voice, Stop Motion Animation, Storytelling) that have an intercultural dimension. They are based on participatory methods that enable reverse learning. One of the aims is also to encourage the participants of the training to reflect and decision-making, confront different perspectives, and promote (bolster) respect of cultural diversity. The project includes discussions about possible future changes in the Erasmus+ programs, sharing good practice between various youth organizations and countries, and offers a unique opportunity for developing partnerships and networks.

The main activity of the project is a seven-daylong international training in Greece designated for youth workers, community leaders, leaders of youth groups, representatives of NGOs, and professionals and volunteers who work with youth and community organizations daily. The training will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece, from 22.2. to 1.3. 2020. This weeklong training focuses on sharing international experience, delivering proven and innovative tools, sharing good practice, developing skills and methodologies for solving NEETs’ problems. Selected youth workers will focus on the possibilities of improving NEETs’ employability at various levels and fields. They will look for effective ways to eliminate NEETs unemployment as well as acquire the best tools to share and strengthen professional, entrepreneurial, and soft skills among young people.


EPIC n.o., Slovensko
Addart MKO, Grécko (Lead),
Young Initiative, Rumunsko
Asociación Educativa por la Integración y la Igualdad, Španielsko
Comune di Cinisello Balsamo, Taliansko
Arteam, Bulharsko
Plan Be, Cyprus
Croatian Office for Creativity and Innovation, Chorvátsko

News on the project activities

Project manager EPIC n.o.: Viktor Fudala