At the beginning of September 2018, the coordinator of EPIC n.o. for
central Europe, Eva Havelková, visited partnership organizations in Ljublana,
Slovenia with the goal of starting a possible cooperation on mutual projects.

SIMBIOZA, PREMIKI, GRUNT and EKOTCE – are non-profit organizations
situated in Ljublana, which share a common goal, to help employ disadvataged
groups of citizens, or more precisely provide them with education and/or
socially benefiting services in form of social businesses/social entrepreneuring.

This kind of entrepreneuring is only at its beginning in Slovakia, at which
legal bounds and certain financial and non-financial grants will be provided by
state, based on parliament’s recently passed act about social economics and
social entrepreneuring. EPIC n.o. is the leading organization in the area of
education for social entrepreneuring, considering the fact that we acquired
official accreditation by Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic in the
September 2016 for educational programme “Municipal Social
Entrepreneuring“. It was one of the main issues of “Strenghtening Capacities of
Individuals by Municipal Social Entrepreneuring“, which was co-financed within
the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union.

Particular meetings with CEO’s of above-stated non-profit organizations
in Slovenia should be transformed into individual mutual projects in the near
future. Their focus, desired outcomes and financing methods will be a matter
of future negotiations.

Photos from negotiations: