Statutory for Slovak and Czech Republic, Central Europe Coordinator Eva Havelková

Since 2017 Eva serves as Central European Coordinator of EPIC Non-profit organisation in Bratislava, Slovakia. She is responsible for two EPIC offices – in Bratislava Slovakia and in Prague, Czech republic.

Eva graduated from Sociology at Comenius University in Slovakia, where she obtained later also her PhD degree. She worked and lived in Switzerland and in the U.S..

In 2016 she lead the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the eu within the Slovak Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak republic.

During her career she has done extensive work at the United Nations as a Programme Analyst of United Nations Fund for Women for 17 countries of the Central and Eastern Europe. Eva served also as Diplomat in Geneva at the Permanent Mission of the Slovak Republic to the United Nations in Switzerland. Since 2006 she has been providing regular lectures on sociological topics, social issues and gender in various university/colleges in the United States of Amerika. For one year she served as Loaned Executive at United Way for a Greater Chattanooga, TN in the U.S.

Eva has been serving as a national expert and analyst for gender, while she has written analyses and projects funded by the European Commission/Union. Eva has been involving a long time to violence against children and women and spent several long-term study visits in the United States. Eva worked also as a advisor to a Prime Minister of Slovakia, as well as to a Deputy Prime Minister for Economy of the Slovak government.


Petra Slatinska, project manager, EPIC Non-profit

Petra studied international relations and diplomacy at the University of International and Public Relations in Bratislava. During her studies, she completed several internships in Slovak institutions, the Erasmus program in Portugal and a working summer in the USA.

After school, she focused on marketing and events. She worked as a project manager for various kinds of events – cultural, sports and children’s. Her interest in marketing drew her to the sales or marketing departments of companies, but also to the world of advertising agency where she was part of many creative projects. She always enjoys a job well done, especially one that makes people happy.


Zuzana Pažítková, project assistant, EPIC Non-profit

Zuzana is a student at the University of Economics in Bratislava, where, in addition to theoretical knowledge, she gained a desire to look for new opportunities for career as well as personal development.
During her studies, she completed an internship in the National Council of the Slovak Republic, participated in youth exchanges and currently works as a project assistant in NGOs, which focuses on non-formal education of young people through trainings, workshops, volunteer opportunities and EU-supported projects in Slovakia and abroad.SK:


Arnold Ponesz, financial manager EPIC ASIST z.ú. Czech republic

Arnold studied International Business in the United Kingdom. After graduating, he worked on several project positions in various international companies until he reached the non-profit sector. He also devoted himself to the non-profit sector in his hometown, where as a member of a civic association, organizes sports events. Since 2018, he has been working with small breaks in the non-profit organization EPIC in Bratislava, as well as in EPIC ASSIST in the Czech Republic. He currently lives in Brno.


Tomas Gago, project manager EPIC ASIST z.ú. Czech republic

Tomas is a Slovak citizen living and working in Czech Republic. He graduated from several universities in Slovakia and Hungary majoring in Business administration, Political Science and International Relations.  He possesses almost twenty years of experience in a domain of EU affairs, evaluations, fundraising for NGO sector, and management as well as membership in various national and international projects. During his almost twenty-year working engagement , he was active  in various projects for private, public and NGO sector in fields such as education, research and science , revitalisation of historical sites, entrepreneurship and innovation, social economy, care for seniors, agriculture etc.


Statutory Representative, General Manager International Services, EPIC Assist
Warrick Harold Staveley


Board of Directors

  • Brother Donald Campbell – President of the Board of Directors
  • Michael Eastgate – Member

All members of the Board of EPIC non-profit organization are also members of the Board of Directors of EPIC Assist.