On April 1st -2nd 2019, EPIC Slovakia and Ministry of Labour in Slovakia hosted the partners and stakeholders from Spain, DGES and Cives Mundi, on their bilateral visit within the framework of SOCENT SPAs project.

The objective of the bilateral visit was to deepen the knowledge on legal framework for social economy in Slovakia, that has been in place since May 2018, the financial instruments for social enterprises, and approaches to social impact measurement. These aspects of the law were introduced by project partner MoLSFA, which is also the key regulator for the field of social economy in Slovakia.

During our exchange, we also had the opportunity to visit and meet representatives of various social enterprises and a sheltered workplace in Bratislava – the hotel and restaurant Bivio and Radnicka Café (Cityhall café) which facilitate work integration of disadvantaged people. Finally, we visited a cultural centre and coworking space Nova Cvernovka, which serves as a hub of several initiatives with positive social impact in culture, environment and community.

The lessons learned in the visit will be further translated into the Castilia and Leon´s action plan.