Strengthening the capacities of individuals through establishment of the municipality social business

Duration of the project

36 months (implementation September 1st  2014 – August 31st 2017)

Project leader

Non-profit organisation EPIC, Slovakia

Project partners

  • Spišský Hrhov municipality, Slovakia
  • Otevřená společnost, o.p.s., Czech Republic
  • ZAVOD PREMIKI, so.p. Slovenia
  • PERYFERIA, Poland
  • EPIC Assist Charity, Scotland


Summary of the project

The aim of the project is to create a know-how base for the municipalities interested in municipal social business and social inclusion of marginalized groups through the social entrepreneurship. Within the project the ever first curricula on municipality social entrepreneurship in Slovakia will be developed, the municipalities will be provided with the practical assistance necessary for starting and running their newly established social business.

Main target groups

  • representatives of municipalities (mayors, municipal office workers) – those who start and run municipality social businesses
  • legislators and other stakeholders involved to the design of the possible operational framework for the social businesses

Key activity

Educational program for municipalities about social business

The main outcome of this activity is

  • an existence of accredited curricula of the educational program about municipality social business designed for the needs of the municipality and guaranteed by the university
  • presence of the know-how base for the municipality interested in the social business

Sub-activities sequencing Educational program for municipalities about social business

  • Survey about similar educational programs implemented abroad
  • Contact with identified institutions and educational programmes
  • Identification, contacting and involvement of academic institutions in creation of educational programme
  • Draft of the curricula framework and consultations with the  relevant organisations
  • Creation of the curricula of the educational program
  • Involvement of business sector
  • Verification of the curricula on the sample of 20 participants
  • Possible update of the curricula
  • Accreditation of educational programme and cooperation with university
  • Implementation of educational programme
  • Educational program transformation to the e-version accessible on the internet
  • Impact evaluation
  • Results dissemination

For more info visit also (In Slovak only) or contact project manager.