Support of Public Policies

Starting point of the program

One of the main objectives of EPIC is to introduce and implement the Australian model of employment services provision in Slovakia. At the same time we are trying to influence legislation and regulations related to the employment of citizens with disadvantages in the open labor market, as well as active cooperation with the private sector in this area.

EPIC n.o. is an active member of several advisory bodies and expert networks :

  • Committee for Business-Academic Cooperation of the American Chamber of Commerce;
  • the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs of the American Chamber of Commerce;
  • Coordinating Committee on Horizontal Principles Gender Equality and Non-discrimination;
  • Monitoring Committee for the Human Resources Operational Program;
  • Commission to the Monitoring Committee for the Human Resources Operational Program for Priority Axes 2, 3 and 4;
  • Youth Alliance NESTLÉ;

In the past, the activities of the EPIC NGO in the area of ​​public policy support focused on three main themes and activities:

Preparation of a standard scale of unit amounts in connection with the provision of selected employment services

Promoting the social aspect in EU-funded procurement

Preparation of conditions for drawing EU financial assistance in the programming period 2014-2020 in connection with the inclusion of marginalized Roma communities


We cooperate with UNDP in Georgia

We were one of the key experts