The Tools to Increase Employability of People with Health Disability

1. October, 2013 – 31. May, 2015

Project aim

Supporting democratic values, including human rights.

Expected results

Existence of the public professional discussion on improvement of life of people with health disability, through increasing the possibilities for their purposeful employment on the opened labor market.

Main activities

  • Networking  – The project success directly depends on general support of the proposed solutions. The implemented activities will be focused on networking of organizations and individuals. These organizations and individuals will be approached directly and will be involved through the roundtables. The main expected output of this activity is functioning of one network of organizations, as well as organizing two conferences.
  • Identification of the used models – The project will preferably take experience from abroad and will identify the foreign models of good practices, which can be used in the Slovak environment. The examples of best practices will be preferably identified by the NGO EPIC through participation at different international networks (ILO Disability, Zero project, European Union of Supported Employment, cooperation with the organization EuroFound) and through regular participation at conferences abroad. The main expected output of this activity is description of minimally 5 models (in the form of case study), focused on employment of people with disability, which function in abroad.
  • Creation of the analytical and advocacy documents – Several analytical materials will be created. Their applicability will be verified by the automatic “peer review”, as well as by the planned roundtables and seminars. The analytical material and information acquired during these events will be used at creation of the legislative proposals. The documents will be carried out by the experts, academics from the research organizations in Slovakia and abroad, as well as the post-graduate students. The main expected output of this activity is 3 analyses, 2 methodologies, 2 proposals to improve legislative environment, 6 roundtables and 3 seminars.
  • Verification of model in practice and advocacy of legislative proposal – Apart from proposing the suitable solutions and their legislative framework, the aim of the project will also include verification of minimum one model in practice in the SR. We suppose that the verified model will be the model of Supported Wages System. The objective is to acquire minimum one employer and implement the model with this employer as a pilot project (the objective is to acquire large employer, which can create several job opportunities in several regions of Slovakia, e.g. Baumax). Based on the experience with this functioning project, it will be possible to create the legislative proposal, which will take into account the practical experience, as well as using the stronger arguments at its advocacy. The main expected output of this activity is experience with application of minimum one proposed tool in the Slovak practice.
  • Project promotion – Promotion of the project results can significantly contribute to their better usage in praxis. We do not plan to use social networks. Promotion will be done in traditional way. Two press conferences will be organized and the project web page will exist, with the access to all information about the project and about the individual outputs. The logo of project donor will be published at all documents, created within the project implementation, as well as it will be published in all activities, implemented during the project duration.


Project is supported from the Fond for non-governmental organizations, financed by the Financial mechanism EHP 2009-2014. Fund is administered by the Open Society Foundation.