On May 14, 2021 we successfully completed another online workshop titled “Supporting social enterprises and improving life in the region” within the international project CERUSI. Thanks to this project EPIC brings together the active social entrepreneurs, stakeholders in social economy, and those who plan to establish a social enterprise.

Moderator of this event Mr.Frantisek Fabo, member of the Presidency of the Alliance for the Social Economy in Slovakia provided the practical advice and experiences, has informed about the financial and non-financial opportunities to support social entrepreneurship and offered the contacts and advices on specific problems that bother them. Participants have presented their social ideas and projects.  Consultacy and a specific support to the participants will be provided in the coming weeks so that their inspiring social ideas will be successfully implemented and new social entreprises will be created in Slovakia.

ℹ️ More information about the international project CERUSI can be found on our website: https://epic-org.eu/cerusi/