People to People Slovakia – Social Innovation

People to People Central Europe is a new project financed by UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and realised by British Council in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.


October 2018 – June 2019


UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Project aims

  • Social cohesion strengthening, supporting new opportunities for dialogue between diverse groups
  • Strengthening of relationships between stakeholders, local administration/policy makers, employers and wider community
  • Connecting communities across project countries

Pilot phase of the project took place between October 2018 and March 2019. During this phase, different activities were organised in cooperation with partner organisations along three lines:

  • Social Innovation, EPIC n.o.
  • Core Skills – critical thinking and problem solving, Komenskeho institut
  • Community Arts, Truc spherique

In each project country, specific regions were identified for realisation of project activities, in Slovakia, it is Banskobystricky and Presovsky region.

Social Innovation – main activities:

  • Social enterprise material for teachers – review by local experts in social entrepreneurship, adaptation to local specifics and translation to Slovak, preparation of Slovak brochure
  • Community mapping – realisation of focus groups and discussions in the target regions with different stakeholders around the topic of social innovation in the regions, presentation of results
  • Scoping visit – visit of Slovakia by two experts from the UK, who met with different persons and organisations active in the social innovation area
  • Study visit in the UK – team of 7 participants from different organisations visited local social enterprises and social innovation experts
  • Ideas lab – three-day event in Banska Bystrica aimed at creating a platform for community representatives, local administration, policy makers and NGOs to meet and discuss the results of research in the regions as well as to propose solutions in the area of social innovation for the local communities


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For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or +421 (0) 2 5910 4280.